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18-09-2011, 08:58  |   Author: MaryE  |   Views (1422)  |   Comments (0)  

Ever wanted to see how a .bhv file looks before trying to upload it into SL, and too lazy to load any bvh creating program? You can use BVHplay instead, a free, lightweight, Python-based, multi-OS, open-source playback utility for BVH animation files!!



Read more for info and download link.


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16-09-2011, 08:16  |   Author: MaryE  |   Views (1357)  |   Comments (0)  

What is bvhacker?


bvhacker is a project started in November 2006 by davedub to make a bvh file conversion tool for Second Life.
bvhacker has since evolved into a quick loading tool ideally suited for final preparation of bvh files for upload to Second Life.
bvhacker is great for viewing, analysing, converting, fault finding and preparing of bvh files.
bvhacker is not for creating animations from scratch. bvhacker is for working on existing animation data.
bvhacker is an animation tool designed by animators for animators.
bvhacker is used extensively by commercial enterprises, educational establishments and hobbyists.
Use bvhacker to speed up your animation production pipeline!





Read more for futher info and download link.


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24-07-2011, 08:24  |   Author: MaryE  |   Views (887)  |   Comments (0)  
It is important to learn how to create poses for Second Life, but it's also very important to know how to upload them so they work as supposed! I hope this tutorial helps (it did for me!).
24-06-2011, 14:41  |   Author: MaryE  |   Views (1630)  |   Comments (0)  

Ever wondered how to make tiny poses? If you know a bit about them you will notice their bodies are much smaller (hence the "tiny"). However, there isn't a specific tiny model for qAvimator, so you will have to make yours or directly learn how to blend the body parts to make so.


This is how the final standing animation in this tutorial will look like:




Read more to see the tutorial.



9-06-2011, 13:37  |   Author: MaryE  |   Views (824)  |   Comments (0)  



Get this pose for SecondLife and OpenSim. Please note, this is a pose, not an animation.


Read more for further info and download link.



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8-05-2011, 15:59  |   Author: MaryE  |   Views (906)  |   Comments (2)  


Read more for downloading.
Category: Animation BVHs
21-03-2011, 09:02  |   Author: MaryE  |   Views (1062)  |   Comments (1)  



Read more for downloading.


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12-03-2011, 16:53  |   Author: MaryE  |   Views (1076)  |   Comments (0)  

Second part of the video tutorial that will teach you how to make animations in DAZ Studio.



Please read more to see the post about DAZ Studio made before in this site.


12-03-2011, 08:09  |   Author: MaryE  |   Views (724)  |   Comments (0)  

Learn more about DAZ Studio! This video tutorial will show you how to create animations in the program.



Please read more to see the post about DAZ Studio made before in this site.


28-02-2011, 10:30  |   Author: MaryE  |   Views (1837)  |   Comments (0)  

I think it's always interesting to see how different people approach to creating, being it SL, RL or whatever you want to call it.


This time I am sharing a video tutorial made by SL resident Ryker Beck, who explains how to create static poses with the program Qavimator.




Read more for knowing how to download qavimator.


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